Here you will find many commonly asked questions and hopefully all the answers you seek :-)

Why must I have a cell phone?     I do not disclose my exact location until you arrive my area.

Once you have my phone number will you ever call/text me unsolicited?     No. 

I will only call one time IF I missed your call within the past 30 minutes. 

I never send information about specials or will never contact you and ask if you would like to get together. 

I respect your "life" and will never do anything to jeopardize your privacy.

* If you would like your call to be returned  .... you are welcome to send a text message with the best time frame to reach you.

Example: "Brooke, Josh here, please text or call back before 3pm. If it is after 3pm I will try you another day" ... I will also respect requests like this.

Once you have my e-mail will you ever contact me unsolicited?

I will only reply to your e-mail one time then wait on a response from you.

Do you accept text messages?     
Yes, I actually DO NOT accept phone calls.

Do you see newbies?     Yes, 

However it is extremely important that you read my site and decide you are completely comfortable before contacting me.  

I am a trusted provider and asking any questions about money or services will cause your appointment request to be overlooked. These questions are very insulting. 

I find that when you go into any encounter with a  pessimistic, distrusting attitude, nothing positive will come from it. I want to have a good time & I want you to have agood time. 

I don't want you to arrive nervous and questioning your decision. 

If you think you are ready to take the next step, please reach out to me, and if you are still apprehensive, no worries. You are welcome to take all the time you need to figure things out!

Do you welcome reviews?

Do you see couples?      No.

Do you offer girl on girl?     No.

What happens if I have to cancel?

There is not a cancelation fee. I understand life happens, I just ask that you let me know ASAP. However if you NCNS (book an appointment, not show and not cancel) I will not consider booking another appointment with you.

Do you allow pictures?       No.

Are the appointment fees negotiable?     No.
Talking about money no matter how sincere the question always raises a red flag and may cause your appointment request to be denied. All fees and services are posted clearly on this site and are current.

May I bring wine/beer?     Yes.

May I smoke at your incall?

I do not smoke and ask that you do not in my presence either. I also do not partake in any drugs what-so-ever and ask that if you are looking for a "party type" provider, you contact someone else.

Do you see handicap clients or clients that are over weight?     Yes.

I am very kind and professional. When necessary you will find that I have a nurses touch. If you need extra or personalized accommodations, just let me know.

Can I take a shower before/after the session?     Yes.

There is a fully stocked shower with soap,  body wash, shampoo, scope,  body spray, baby powder, deodorant, combs and hair spray.

Do you offer outcalls?
     I do not.

Where are you located?  I am located in zip code 77079. My condo is directly on I-10 close to the beltway in West Houston.

How far are you from the Airports?
     I am 20 minutes or less from Hobby and 30 minutes or less from Intercontinental.

Is this area safe?

Where do I park and how far is your location?   Parking is free in my safe parking lot. 18 wheeler and large truck parking is also available.

How do I book an appointment?    Please click on the side bar to the left titled ďContact MeĒ or you may CLICK HERE TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.

Will you see 2 men at once?

Can you send me additional pictures?
Iím sorry, but I canít send any additional pictures. All of the pictures I am comfortable sharing are posted on this site and on my ads.

Can we meet for drinks first?
      Unfortunately I do not meet in public.


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